Project 02 – Mashup

Thursday, December 10th, 2015


The final product~

So the two pieces of art that inspired me the most from my previous post were the pieces by Jen Stark and Seripop.


Jen Stark



I chose to do a self portrait in the style of Seripop’s pop art piece.


Firstly, I used my drawing tablet to trace over a selfie in photoshop. I edited the hue and saturation of the original picture to a transparent blue so it would be easier to trace. Here, I have displayed the end result of the trace against a contrasting background for better view.


Next, I went into illustrator and followed a tutorial to make some squiggly lines, like Jen Stark’s piece. I used the pen tool to draw the shape, and then added more strokes, changed the colours of each individual stroke as well as the size. I didn’t end up keeping this one because the strokes were too small for what I had in mind.


Here is another attempt, using quite a bit more strokes.


After starting with the initial stroke size at 1000 px, I was satisfied with the size. I also discovered the different colour palettes and used the Pantone Metallics palette for this one.


Before pasting my traced selfie into my background of waves, I decided it needed a bit more colour. I darkened the colours and added more saturation, and then I went over the hair with a larger brush using less opacity. I also played around with the angle of the brush.


I decided to fill in the face and leave the space inside the glasses empty, so it would look more like the Seripop piece. For this same reason, I added noise to the traced selfie, I think it gave a really cool effect.


Here, I decided to add some text into the picture. I played around with the spacing of the text, which is lyrics to one of my favourite songs by Korean rapper Keith Ape. I also added a sponge texture to the waves in the back, to give it some depth.


As for memes, I decided to add some ascii faces, since I like to use them on my profiles and such. I did this by zooming into a screenshot of a website, and creating a brush out the the text. Then, I lowered the opacity, increased the brush size, and placed it into my piece. I did the same with the shrugging ascii face.


Here is another screenshot that I took of a Google Chrome error I received at some point. I also made this into a brush and placed it into my piece.


Lastly, I wanted to add some glitches into my picture to add the finishing touch. I did this by making multiple selections with the rectangle select, adding a wave distort filter, and playing around with those setting until I was satisfied with the shape of my glitch.


Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project. I feel like I reimagined my two inspiration pieces pretty well, and the colours are really eye catching and poppy. I tried to place things in a unique way that seemed a bit scattered and messy, and added repetition with the brush stamps. I wish I experimented a bit more with the textures of the background, and I wish I added some pictures or screenshots that had a bit more depth than just a tracing or a 2D sort of image. I also probably could have done the tracing a bit better, but I honestly have not had too much practice with my drawing tablet.


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