Lab 04 – 3 YouTube Tutorials

Friday, December 4th, 2015

I used this tutorial to create a piece of my own. I found this tutorial very useful, as she explains things clearly and in detail. I did have to pause the video several times, even though I was following in Photoshop on another monitor, because I was still doing a step before she moved on to the next one. Here is the piece that I created following this tutorial:



I’ve always wanted to learn how to make gifs, but I really didn’t know how easy it was until I watched this tutorial. He gives excellent tips on how to change the speed of your gif and how to increase or decrease the quality. In some parts though, he didn’t demonstrate some of the things he was explaining, such as cropping the gif using the crop tool, or showing us the final product that he was satisfied with. Perhaps he could have redone this video just to make sure to demonstrate everything and show us a good example of a final product. However, it’s easy to get the general idea from this video.


This tutorial is a bit different from the previous two, since it demonstrates how to use a sewing machine, nothing to do with photoshop. In this video, she speaks very clearly and slow enough to follow along. There are many kinds of sewing machines with different features, but I feel that she went over the features as basically as possible, and I had no trouble at all learning how to navigate my own sewing machine. Perfect for someone who is a complete beginner to sewing!


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