Project 2 – Inspiring Images

Friday, November 13th, 2015

These are some images that I have researched that respond to the themes of: Colour, Composition, and Rhythm.

Tyler Spangler

This piece has a nice contrast between black and white, and colours, and also between the waves and blocks of lines. There is also rhythm in the waves, taking your eyes from top right to bottom left.

Tyler Spangler

This piece, also by Spangler, is more bold and bright than the previous piece. There is repetition in the cylindrical shapes, and this looks like something that would be easy to make in Adobe Illustrator.

Jen Stark

I believe this piece might actually be a painting, but I think I could make something similar using Adobe Illustrator. I really like how the lines give rhythm and movement, you can really feel the melty-ness. The different layers of colours is really nice too, providing contrast between the black and white lines, rainbow lines, and other random colour schemes.

Louise Zhang

This piece is by one of my favourite artists. The composition contains asymmetrically placed circles, off-placed text, and a nice combination of smooth, almost transparent colours. I really like the repetition of the gradient circles, it looks like scales or some kind of fungi to me.

Maya Hayuk

This is actually a graffiti piece, but it would be interesting to play around with kind of concept in Photoshop or Illustrator. There is a pattern happening, which is obvious repetition. I like the part at the bottom, which looks almost pixelly, breaking up that repetition.

David Pirrie

This one is more of a simple piece, just adding a pattern of polka dots over a painting of mountains. However, I really like the combination of the bright, solid chartreuse and the earthy, complex features of the mountains.

Sandra Fettingis

This piece has a very geometric feel to it. I also get a sense of asymmetry between the smaller diamonds and the bigger diamonds. It almost reminds me of jewelry, especially with the pretty pinks and oranges.

Ian Davenport

This piece is another simple one, but it is very satisfying seeing the straight, contrived lines turn into a messy puddle at the bottom. This one also has the melty feeling, similar to Jen Stark’s piece. It reminds me of melted crayon art.

Rebecca Chaperon

I love looking at gems and crystals, so naturally I really like this piece. The colours are very soft and pastel, but you can still tell that there is sharp edges and a geometric shape happening.


I really like the bright colours in this one, and the negative space inside the head. Immediately you are drawn to examine what is inside the head. There is rhythm in the background lines, as they are kind of pointing in all directions, making your own head spin a bit.


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